GLCCA Leadership Holds First Annual Planning Retreat

GLCCA Leadership Holds First Annual Planning Retreat

When it comes to creating a strong association, proper planning is crucial. As we began putting together the foundation for the Fourth Annual GLCCA Conference coming up in May 2020, the GLCCA core leadership decided it was important to look back in order to plan for the future.

In early October, nine GLCCA board members met in the Wisconsin Dells for the first annual GLCCA board leadership retreat. The purpose of the meeting was to create additional clarity regarding who the GLCCA is as an association, and determine what it needs to be in the future to best serve the membership while augmenting our work with ACA.

According to GLCCA President, Pauline Kussart, “I have been a member of the Board of Directors since the inception of GLCCA and have advocated for a strategic plan since the beginning. Once I assumed the Presidency, I made it my mission to bring the BOD together to begin a SWOT analysis in order to create a roadmap for current and future leaders to follow.”

While the GLCCA board members work closely with each other to determine the best path forward, the proximity of the board members can make developing more cohesive relationships difficult. This meeting allowed members to create stronger bonds with each other. The retreat “allowed us to get to know each other on a more personal level, which goes a long way in working together for a mutual goal allowing members to benefit from a more engaged leadership,” Kussart noted. “The retreat also created a communication path that we did not have before; our monthly meetings moving forward will address actionable items on the plan so that we can keep the roadmap alive,” she adds.

A lot of ground was covered over the course of 48 hours. In addition to creating the framework for a three-year roadmap and a timetable for upcoming events, the group brainstormed additional educational opportunities and other items for upcoming annual meetings. “Our members will find that our annual conferences have better educational sessions and are located in highly visible venues which will encourage more vendor attendance and offer greater social networking,” notes Kussart. In addition to annual meeting revamps, plans are underway for regular website reviews as well as ideas that will benefit the membership now and in the future.

The group walked away from the retreat with a renewed sense of the purpose, understanding how their collaborative efforts have a positive impact on the membership. “We identified many opportunities that individually we would not have thought about, but as a group communicating for a common good, we realized how important and achievable these opportunities could be,” Kussart notes.

In the end, everyone who is a part of GLCCA will benefit from these efforts as leadership works to provide the most useful and beneficial association programming for its members.


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