Meet GLCCA’s Executive Director Harry Strausser

Meet GLCCA’s Executive Director Harry Strausser

In the summer of 2018, the GLCCA was given the amazing opportunity to be managed by ACA International. This new arrangement marks the first of its kind involving ACA and one of its national units.

As part of the management arrangement, Harry Strausser, ACA’s Education & Development Director, took on the role of GLCCA Executive Director. “This position entails the coordination and management of GLCCA with a strategic perspective. I provide the unit insight and guidance as they make their plans for future opportunities,” Strausser notes. He also provides leadership and support to the individuals who oversee GLCCA’s daily functions.

Harry brings to the position years of experience as an agency owner, unit board member, and head of the Mid-Atlantic Collectors Association. “Because of my past experiences, I’m able to offer leadership, guidance, and support as GLCCA determines the next best steps for their members. They are able to learn from someone who has truly walked the same walk that they are currently taking. I was able to step into the role of Executive Director understanding exactly what needs to take place for GLCCA to be effective as a unit.” he adds.

The relationship between ACA and GLCCA is the first of its kind. “In the summer of 2018, we started to investigate the potential of this type of relationship. It really makes sense from a unit perspective, because of the sheer depth of knowledge and invaluable resources that ACA can provide.” ACA taking on the leadership of GLCCA offers a plethora of expertise, including the utilization of ACA’s accounting, marketing, legislative, and planning functions. This allows the GLCCA to focus on the important task of serving its membership. 

Being connected with ACA also gives GLCCA a greater industry perspective. It allows GLCCA to get clearer insight into the current affairs of the industry as a whole. This provides immense value to the organization.

Currently, GLCCA is the only unit being managed by ACA, but Strausser hopes it will serve as an example for similar relationships in the future. “We see this as a great opportunity for other units to do the same. In addition, we believe that it will encourage other smaller units to merge and create more powerful entities similar to that of GLCCA,” he suggests.

When Harry is not at the helm of GLCCA or overseeing the Education & Development role at ACA, he is busy hanging out with his three golden retrievers. He is a true animal lover who enjoys working with a local no-kill animal shelter. In addition, Harry is a hobby auctioneer, filling the role for a variety of charity auctions. He also owns several vacation properties and has run a successful flower shop for the past 25 years.

If you would like the opportunity to see Harry in action, feel free to join one of the GLCCA monthly board meetings, which are open to all members. Contact Harry at [email protected] for the meeting schedule.


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